In his research Gijs Overgoor focuses on applying techniques from AI and Econometrics to solve marketing problems, mainly in the space of visual marketing.

He has published in the International Journal of Research in Marketing and California Management Review.

Gijs’ research has featured in the WSJ, Business Insider, UpNext Podcast, Today in Digital Marketing, and The World Transformed podcast.


  • G. Overgoor, W. Rand, W. Van Dolen, M. Mazloom (2022), ”Simplicity is not Key: Understanding Marketer-Generated Social Media Images and Consumer Liking”, in press at International Journal of Research in Marketing

  • G. Overgoor, M. Chica, W. Rand, A. Weishampel (2019), ”Letting the Computers Take Over: Using AI to Solve Marketing Problems”, in press at California Management Review.

Journal Papers under Review

  • G. Overgoor, W. Rand, W. Van Dolen, H.S. Scholte, ”The Champion of Images: Understanding the Role of Images in the Decision-Making Process of Online Hotel Bookings”. Under review after reject and resubmit at Marketing Science. Available upon request.

Nominated for best paper at HICSS 2020

  • S. He, B. Hollenbeck, G. Overgoor, D. Proserpio, A. Tosyali, "Detecting Fake Review Buyers Using Network Structure: Direct Evidence from Amazon". Under second round review at Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Available at SSRN

Research in Progress

  • "The Impact of TV Ads on Consumer Decision Journey Metrics: An Application of Video Analytics” - with R. Daviet, Y. Bart

  • "Diversity in TV advertising" - with K. Pauwels, Y. Bart

  • “Measuring Diversity in Visual Marketing Communication” - with W. Xie, H.H. Lee, H. Zhu

  • “Unsupervised Clustering to User Generated Imagery and Text in Online Reviews” - with W. Rand

Nominated for best paper at HICSS 2021